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Dark Future Ahead – Cyberpunk News

13 July, 2013

Welcome to the wireless battlefield courtesy of the US Military’s DARPA and the Raytheon Company, promising a networked ability to deliver precise, contained airstrikes as needed.

On a move constructive note, a look at how future cities may evolve (possibly with mile high buildings) and what technologies, such as Controlled Environment Agriculture (or CEA) for city farms, they may use along some thoughts on how to get around in the new megacities.

In those new megacties, you may need more ways to avoid facial recognition technology, this time from Japan.  Not being seen or recognized by automated systems is probably a good thing for those who do not want the corps (or others) spying on them.

Speaking of ways to avoid detection, there is the Tor Project, helping to keep prying eyes away from your (and others) internet traffic.  Ixquick is a search engine that stores no data on its searchers or their searches.  As for data fortresses, Jottacloud provides cloud storage for you in Norway, safe from the prying eyes of the NSA, at least, once it is there.

In something more purely game related: Mike Evans (of the Wrath of Zombie blog) has hacked Vornheim to make a New York City guide full of ideas and random generators for Shadowrun but easily adaptable to any Cyberpunkish game.

And to end on a note of absurdism, visit Franz Kafka Airport.

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