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Tuesday Magic Item – Badgerkin Beer

9 July, 2013

Drink deeplyThe cask of beer was well sealed for transit, but a date was painted on it prominently, even with proper herbs and a bit of magic, beer was not at its best for long.

“Gather around, my fine soldiers, and partake of the finest beer from the Crimson Lined Valley.  We shall be well fortified for the task ahead . . . winning this tag of war with Duchess Mavla’s Guard!  Drink up, drink up!”

Badgerkin Beer

This potent beer is brewed by the Badgerkin of the Crimson Lined Valley from a mash of barely and rye with hops, chicory and other secret ingredients in specially made vats.  The brew is surprisingly potent and can be more than an inexperienced drinker can handle.  It is stored in carefully made, blessed and enchanted casks that keep it fresh for up to a month if moved (or a season if stored in a root cellar or similar cool place.)

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