Review – The Malefactor Base Class for Pathfinder

4 July, 2013

The Malefactor, a new base class, by Total Party Kill Games is built around an interesting idea, a person who is a nexus of ill-fortune and can inflict it upon others.  A very cleverly designed class with almost too much mechanical complexity, as its primary abilities cause a lot of tracking of effects, but if you are up to that, it should be a fun class to play and a challenging opponent to encounter.  The inclusion of HeroLab files for the Malefactor as part of this product increases its usability for those who own that handy program.

Malefactors are the fortunate unfortunate few, cursed with a malicious spirit called a Yla, the Malefactor has learned to work with it to direct its harm to others in a (mostly) controlled fashion.  The Malefactor is a midrange combatant outside their powers with access to a decent range of both weapons and armor and a good selection of skills (with sufficient skill points to be competent in several) for further flexibility.

But the main strength of the Malefactor is the ability to call down minor curses (called maledictions) on their opponents, however, this usually require them to get in close (20′ range until 8th level, increasing after 8th level) so their combat skills will be needed.   Their options and power of the maledictions increase as the Malefactor gains levels.  They also have an interesting sideline in curse breaking (which is the focus of one of the archetype presented for the class).

Five archetypes, favor class bonuses by race and nine new feats round out the class.  An example Malefactor (Talitha Shadowtongue, the Tiefling on the cover) is presented at 11th level so that one can see what a powerful Malefactor can do.  The only thing missing is a class oriented magic item or two to really complete the package but overall, a very solid class.

Disclosure: As a featured reviewer for RPGNow/DriveThroughRPG, I received my copy of this product for free from the publisher for the purpose of this review.


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