Tuesday Magic Item – Patriot’s Cider

2 July, 2013

We were flagging, that is the truth, by the time the sun reached noon but still there were more earthworks to dig and walls to build if we were to stop that invading army.  But then the good people brought out barrels of cider to quench our thirst and renew our spirits.

Properly reinvigorated, we returned to work with a will and worked until the sun set and then we worked by lantern light!Drink up, patriot!

Patriot’s Cider

These ciders, made from apples grown in the lands the cider is to be drunk, are strong and refreshing, imbued with a love of the land that is supernatural.

The magic of these ciders only work for those who are good and true citizens of the land it was grown in, for them a pint of this cider counts as a meal and for the next six hours provides the drinker with a +2 bonus to Strength only for the purpose of physical labor, a +2 bonus to resist fatigue and the first physical damage they suffer during that time, up to their Constitution modifier (minimum 1), is converted into nonlethal damage. A person may only magically benefit from a single pint of cider per day.

Unfortunately, it also tends to make the drinker jingoistic, and they suffer a -2 penalty to resist any attempt to provoke them in matters involving their country and they suffer a -2 penalty on all social rolls with those not equally patriotic. These penalties last until the drinker has a good night’s rest.

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 3rd
Slot none; Price 10 per pint; Weight 1 lb
Construction Requirements
Brew Potion, bear’s endurance, bull’s strength, creator must be a good and true citizen of the land the cider is from; Cost 5 per pint

Notes: Something for the 4th of July.

The photo is by me and from GenCon last year.


One comment

  1. Too realistic. I’m going to be enduring a lot of drinkers of partriot’s cider over the next few days….sigh…

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