Inspirational Viewing – the Brass Teapot

1 July, 2013

The Brass Teapot (2012) is a lovely dark comedy built around a magic item, or a cursed item, take your choice.  It is a story about people and the price they are willing to pay for success.  I do not wish to say much more because watching the story unfold is quite fun.  Do watch the alternate opening once you have watched the movie, otherwise it will set up expectations that will not be fulfilled.






And a discussion with spoilers:

The Brass Teapot is a fascinating artifact, both indestructible and powerful, indeed the DVD has a nicely done mockumentary detailing the legend of the teapot.  If you are using a powerful artifact as a key point of a campaign, this gives an idea of how to build up a past and legendary framework around an item.  Something that gives both clues to an items powers -and dangers- with a mixture of red herrings.

The theme of the Brass Teapot  is what price will you pay to have your desires fulfilled.  It is a very Unknown Armies sort of theme as is the every time, the price goes up and up.  What lines will you cross?  Self mutilation? Inflicting pain on others?  Murder?  Is morality an aid or a foolish limit?  And will it end very badly?

It also shows the lure of power, as some of those who handle the teapot gain a glimmer of insight that it is a powerful item, and that they should use it, that power awaits their action.  So, why not embark on that path?  You can control it, right?  Of course you will be able to stay in control.  No danger of you falling.  Is there?

Anyway, if you like dark comedies with a moral twist, give The Brass Teapot a try.


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