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Several Short Shadowrun Reviews

9 June, 2013

A variety of resources, new and old, for the Shadowrun RPG:

Bottled Demon, the real deal from 1990 (complete with ads!), scanned to PDF for your reading and gaming pleasure.  Read the rest of this entry ?


Review – DragonFall

7 June, 2013

DragonFall is a setting in conflict between dragon overlords and rebellious humanity, it has enough parallels to my own Sea of Stars setting that I felt that I had to take a look and see where they went with these themes.  While there are some interesting ideas in the book, it never fully develops any of them nor provides concrete examples.  If you are interested in this sort of setting, this product may prove to have worthwhile information in it.

DragonFall is a Bare Bones Multiverse (BBM) source book for a fantasy world ruled by dragons, it makes an attempt to be system neutral and adaptable as a campaign overlay but unfortunately it is not very successful in either.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Saddle of the Sands

4 June, 2013

Let us go for a rideThe riding of the deep sands prize their camel mount, traveling for days and weeks through the desert.  The greatest of them use saddles blessed by the desert winds and gods to provide them with even greater endurance and speed.

No caravan that passes through the lands that they claim as they own is safe from their raid unless they have paid for protection and the sight of distant camel riders have been know to throw lesser caravan masters into a state of panic.

Saddle of the Sands

These saddles for camels are always highly decorated and often very colorful, bearing blessings and prayers and often token taken from the rider’s victories.  They are never found in new condition as the saddle must prove itself before it is deemed fit to be blessed.

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Review – Euro War Antiques

3 June, 2013

Euro War Antiques provides a mixture of setting information and new old equipment for the Shadowrun setting.  Both parts are fairly focused in their application but could be invaluable for the right campaign, but not for all campaigns.

Euro War Antiques is a source book for Shadowrun.  It is divided into two parts:

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