Another set of short reviews of products for Pathfinder

22 June, 2013

A selection of short reviews of recent Pathfinder products:

Call to Arms: Archer’s Arsenal by Fat Goblin’s Games is a collection of bows, crossbows, arrows and accessories both mundane and magical.  I like that each item has a short description though some of the mundane items (foot bow and drum-fed repeating crossbow, for example) are verging on silly.  Overall, the items are useful and interesting mechanically but some abilities (such as the crossbow of inevitability) could have been a new weapon quality, the mundane options for arrows (such as broad-headed) should have damage changes be based off the arrow’s size otherwise small sized archers can really take advantage of them.  Overall, however, this product has many useful tools here for archers and crossbow users.

Elemental Builder for Pathfinder by Asparagus Jumpsuit is a short document presenting a simple system for constructing elementals (using a bacon elemental as an example!).  While a useful resource, it would have been helped by a step by step walkthrough of elemental building and maybe a few fully statted example elementals.  Berin Kinsman is a creative fellow and I would have liked to have seen him display it a bit further with this product.

The Forager’s Guild for Pathfinder by Asparagus Jumpsuit is a short document presenting an “adventurer’s guild” that can be easily adapted for most campaigns, proving a base of operations, resources and training and a clearing house for adventure.  Three of the upper level members of the guild are detailed for use as advisors, trainers and generally useful people as are a squad of bugbears converted to good who act as agents for the guild.  Some fun, and very classic, things to play around with here, worth your time to look at if such a group would have a place in your campaign.

Spells of the Animal Kingdom by Otherverse Games is a collection of animal-themed spells, building from spells such as Bull’s Strength and the other animal-named enhancing spells.  There are twenty-five new spells here (not counting the mass versions of the spells) divided up into minor (seven spells of 2nd level or below), average (twelve spells of 2nd level) and major (six spells of 3rd level or higher).  Good things about these spells: quite a few of them are built around interesting non-combat applications and several of the combat oriented ones have interesting, if narrow, applications (Mongoose’s Alacrity will be prized by any dragon or snake hunter for instance, or Horse’s Swishing Tail which is an anti-swarm effect).  Bad things: Several are missing the material component needed, others seem either too weak or too strong for their level, Bear’s Slumber is -inadvertently- a stunningly effective combat spell and Rabbit’s Fecundity just seems problematic.  Still, there is a lot of inspiration here if you wish to play around with animal-themed magic just consider the effect of each spell carefully before allowing it into your campaign.

Disclosure: As a featured reviewer for RPGNow/DriveThroughRPG, I received my copy of this product for free from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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  1. Mmmm….bacon elemental.

    Nice capsule reviews.

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