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Tuesday Magic Item – Francyn’s Belt and Scabbards

18 June, 2013

Have you heard of Hassard Francyn?  He was a lawman in these parts, as well as a scout, a gambler, and an outlaw.  He was known for his black leather belt with a silver buckle and his matched sword and dagger in their black scabbards with silver fittings.  Francyn became famous in the Masulium Lands for killing two men in self-defense before he killed one of his wives while drunk and in a fit of jealousy.  He served nine years in the garrison-prison of Highspur before he was pardoned and left for the gold fields of Shaggra.  He remarried twice in Shaggra before disappearing. 

But occasionally, some swordsman or woman will appear, claiming his legacy by wearing a belt like Francyn’s.

Francyn’s Belt and Scabbards

Only one of these sets in known to exist, but copies may have been made.  It is a belt of black leather, worn by use, with a silver buckle, attached are two scabbards, one for a sword and one for a dagger, with silver fittings.

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