Shadowrun Campaign Pitch – Unusual Solutions Inc (USi)

16 June, 2013

Unusual Solutions Inc (USi)

“We solve your problems.”

The characters are recently promoted/head-hunted/blackmailed on to one of the field teams of USi.  USi is a specialist micro-corp that deals with unique maintenance and repair solutions.  They have offices worldwide and a small staff of permanent employees but a large portfolio of freelancers.

The Seattle branch is located on the 13th floor of the Caulder Building, a nondescript tower block overlooking the docks.  In fact, they rent the entire floor and use it to host an ever changing host of temporary companies and start-ups spun off from USi.

Maria “the Wall” Wallenstein-Haines runs the Seattle office.  “The Wall” is a former Munich Valkyries (Women’s Global Combat Soccer League) goalie who retired after losing her left leg for the third time.  She has been with USi for six years after a brief stint in Sadler-Krupp security.

Shadowrun – Unusual Solutions Inc (USi)

Welcome to USi where “we solve your problems”, a specialist microcorp with global reach.  We will work with you to resolve your maintenance and repair problems no matter how unusual.

Setting: This will be set in Seattle, 2069, but travel may very well be part of the game.
•    Continuity: Episodic with arcs.
•    Rating: PG-13 in general.
•    Style: Adventure, exploration and combat with occasion social situations.
•    Tone: Action-adventure and problem solving.

Rules: Shadowrun 4th edition (maybe moving to 5th edition once it release) or FATE.
•    If Shadowrun: If the players are interested we will use FATE-style aspects for Edge.

Characters: Standard as per system used.
•    Character History: A paragraph or two about who your character is and where they are from.
•    Starting Power Level: As per standard rules.

Where do we Play?: to be agreed on.
•    Down Times: Players are welcome to have their character undertake tasks between games, communication via written note or email for such so it does not slow down our limited face to face gaming time.
•    Social Contract: We usually order food before the game starts as a group, but you are not required to partake of such.

Notes: A campaign pitch for a possible upcoming game.  Questions are welcome.

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