Review – Euro War Antiques

3 June, 2013

Euro War Antiques provides a mixture of setting information and new old equipment for the Shadowrun setting.  Both parts are fairly focused in their application but could be invaluable for the right campaign, but not for all campaigns.

Euro War Antiques is a source book for Shadowrun.  It is divided into two parts:

•    History of the Euro Wars, an overview of the conflicts that shattered Europe and allowed the corporations to gain a stranglehold on the continent.  While I am not entirely convinced by this future history, it is interesting, though some maps would have made it easier to follow.
•    Equipment used by the various forces, most of these are military vehicles and weapons, with a few man portable weapons, but mostly heavy metal.  If you have need for a variety of older tanks or aircraft, this will have you covered and it is interesting to see the write-ups for current (i.e. 2013) vehicles such as the M1 Abrams, HMMWV and the Leopard.

Both sections have in-world commentary by various source which provide some amusing insights and additional information.  While exceptionally useful if you need some background on the Euro Wars or some antique heavy weapons, it may not prove very useful outside those confines.  Just know why you are buying it and you will not be disappointed.

Disclosure: As a featured reviewer for RPGNow/DriveThroughRPG, I received my copy of this product for free from the publisher for the purpose of this review.


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