Further Cyberpunk Resources

31 May, 2013

In preparation for my Shadowrun game tomorrow, some inspiration for cyberpunk and near future games:

Useful for a quick change, transforming dresses.  Sometimes you need to blend in with higher society you know.

For some reason, this sport has always struck me as very cyberpunk: Chess Boxing, where the competitors face off in alternating rounds of chess and boxing.  See a video of a recent championship bout here and visit the World Chess Boxing Organization.

Ever wondered what those multicolored diamonds with numbers posted on doors meant, wonder no more with the the Smithsonian’s Decoding the City: the Fire Diamond article.  Useful information on the modern world.

A look at the current state of the art for body replacement from National Geographic.

Another style of community organization: the Jerk Church!  (COMMANDMENT II: Thou shalt not be a douche)  And you can learn more about them at their page: the Jerk Church.

And you can hardly get more punk than these Chinese inventors and their selfmade inventions.

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