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Tuesday Magic Item – Horn of Horonaim

28 May, 2013

Sound offTravelers say they hear strong sounds echoing from the ruins of Horonaim, the ruins so old that no one remembers when it was anything other than ruins and dust, the sounds reported vary but a sounded horn figures in it most often.

The ruins have been ruin and haunted forever, as the ancient texts say, “on the road down to Horonaim anguished cries over the destruction are heard.”

Rarely someone will venture there, more rarely still, will someone return.

Horn of Horonaim

These rare items universally have unhappy histories, made from age blackened ram’s horn and tarnished silver settings, they carry a weight and a sorrow with them.  While apparently fragile, it takes considerable mystic power to destroy a Horn of Horonaim.

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