Tuesday Magic Item – Strawberry of Desire

21 May, 2013

Desirable FruitSome foods are rare and only found in the most magical and unusual places.  One such place located on a high plateau, is said to be the garden of the goddess of desire that fell to Earth with her death, where it is always spring, the plants and trees always heavy with fruits.  The strawberries from this garden are especially sought after as they can reveal to those who consume them what they truly desire.

Such strawberries are not without price but they are very expensive.

Strawberries of Desire

These strawberries and beautiful and plump, ready for eating and on the verge of being overripe.  Their scent is strong and permeates any area that they are in.

The scent of the strawberries makes anyone who smell it desirous of consuming them (this can be resisted with a Will Save DC 14, but it only places desire not compulsion on the victim).

Once consumed, and they are delicious, the consumers is briefly overcome by dreams of their desires (dazed for one round).  Then they are given impetus to pursue their desire, for the next 24-hours their gain a +2 morale bonus to skill checks made toward achieving that goal and a +1 morale bonus to resist effects that would turn one from that desire.

However, if the person makes no attempt to pursue their desire over the next day, at the end of it they are thrown into a deep depression, suffering a -2 morale penalty to all skill checks and a -1 morale penalty to all attack rolls and saves until they make some progress on obtaining their desire.  Eating another strawberry of desire will also end this depression and restart the cycle.

Each small bowl full holds five strawberries of desire.

Aura moderate enchantment; CL 7th
Slot none; Price 500 (one small bowl full); Weight .5 lbs (one small bowl full)
Construction Requirements
Brew Potion, charm person, heroism, maker must have 4 or more ranks of Profession (gardener); Cost 250 for a one small bowl full

Notes: Suggested by my lovely wife.  Just an interesting piece of magic, I hope.

Photo by Alexsandar Cocek and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

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