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I am Games Mastering the L5R RPG at GenCon!

19 May, 2013

Again, I will be at GenCon working for The Man, The Man in this case being AEG and I will be running the L5R RPG at the following times:

A Circling of Wolves (intro, action-adventure), Thur, Fri, Sat, 9am.

The Courtly Art of Murder (advanced, intrigue), Thurs 2pm, Fri 6pm, and Sun 9am.

It is all pre-gen characters so if you want to try out the L5R RPG and setting, try A Circling of Wolves, if you have played before and are up for politics and intrigue, go for The Courtly Art of Murder.

Not sure what other work AEG will require me for but I should have some free time outside of the games.

I hope to catch up with some of you there.

Edit: Well, it looks like all of my games are full, but if you are still interested in playing in one, drop me an email.

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