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Tuesday Magic Item – Bracers of Soul Armor

14 May, 2013

Armor for body and spirit“For service to the Principality and its Gods, you are granted these bracers to make your honor manifest and the shield you from harm,” said Princess Calisero and she placed the silver bracelets upon the young knight’s arms.

“I will use them to serve the Principality with my heart and soul, my Princess, being your shield in times of danger,” the Knight replied.

“And my sword in times of war, rise and be recognized by your peers,” said the Princess as the assembled knights began a slow clap, welcoming their new member.

Bracers of Soul Armor

These bracers are usually made of silver inlaid steel, usually bearing the coat of arms of the person or order they were made for.  When new, they are often lined with padded cloth but this must be replaced from time to time, it is traditional in some groups to engrave the names of all who have worn them on the back.

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