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New Spell – Transfer Quickened Life

8 May, 2013

A focus for the spellIt was a huge step, one that his wife insisted upon.  Haflan did not have much truck with magic.  But the fever had gripped his wife and if they did not act, her life or that of their child might be lost.  The young woman that would bear their child -and how odd it was to think of his and Ashilaz’ child growing in another woman’s womb- was healthy and brave and, they would insure, well compensated.  The ritual was about to begin and the wizard had excluded him from the room, for which he was only thankful.

But still, such magic gave him shivers.  He hoped he was not coming down the the fever as well . . .

Transfer Quickened Life
School conjuration (healing, teleportation); Level cleric/oracle 4, sorcerer/wizard 5

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