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Tuesday Magic Item – Person Egg

7 May, 2013

What waits to hatch?When the dragons realized that they could take human form, it was inevitable that some would experiment in the pleasures of the flesh . . . and the results there of.  The Lady Mirth of House Shel’liochassa, in her bid to aid the recovery of the elven race took their form and later gave birth to the first of the Shadowelves.  After such an experience she vowed, never again, and set her House’s wizards and sorcerers to building for her a way to bring her progeny to term in the more eminently practical, to her view, eggs of her draconic heritage.

The development of person eggs was fraught with difficulty -and a few dead alchemists and wizards- before the method was perfected but once it was several variant types emerged, from the traditional egg to reusable crystal cases and other forms.

Person Egg

These items are rare and come in a variety of form ranging from literal magical eggs (which are destroyed when the person hatches) to ornate permanent installations that are as much works of art as functional tools.

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