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Shadowrun 2069 Campaign Report 5 and New Seattle Scream (#40) prop

1 May, 2013

This mission took place in parallel with the one in campaign report 4 none of the players overlapped between the two groups, so I could set both games into the same part of the campaign timeline (which was actually very satisfying).

It was a friendly extraction (a kidnapping where the target wants to be kidnapped for those not up on Shadowrun lingo) and well paying from a fixer from LA named Noir, who is superstylish.  The subject was an A-Prime sound engineer working on the Road to Stardom show (which the group in episode 4 had been hired to disrupt).  Deciding not to try and extract the target at their hotel or at the theater, they make plans to hit the transport bus that takes the crew to and from both.

Moving quickly, they acquire two vans, stage an accident trapping the bus and blow their way in.  They grab their target and get out before Lone Star can mobilize, though their photos are taken by a large number of nearby fans and security cameras.  The mission was a success and, since they acted so quickly, it did not overlap with the events of the other group as much as I would have liked.

Seattle Scream 40 takes place hot on the heels of episodes 4 and 5 as DiMarco being shot is big news.

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