Tuesday Magic Item – Timmez’ Unreliable Transformation Wand

30 April, 2013

“Let me try again, I am sure I managed the mystical formulas correctly this time . . .”

 Timmez’ Unreliable Transformation Wand

These wands are made from willow wood marked with arcane symbols and a handle wrapped with braided leather from various animals held in place by a mesh of precious metal wires.

The wand has fifty charges when created, each charge creates a sparkling blue-green ray that strikes out to 50′ away, this ray requires a successful ranged touch attack to hit its target if it misses it will then try and hit the next 1d6 targets in range (starting with those closest to the original target and moving out) until it hits one or it runs out of targets.

If it hits a target, the target must make a Fortitude save (DC 19) with the following effect:

  • Save made by five or more, the target can use beast shape I for 2d6 rounds if they so wish.
  • Save made by zero to four, the target suffers no effect beyond a slight tingling.
  • Save failed by one, transformed into an animal (as beast shape II) of the target’s choice.
  • Save failed by two to five, transformed into an animal (as beast shape II) of no less hit dice than half the target’s level/hit dice.
  • Save failed by five or more, baleful polymorph except the target always retains their mental facilities and abilities.

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 7th
Slot none; Price 11,500; Weight
Construction Requirements
Craft Wand, baleful polymorph; Cost 6,250

Notes: Not quite as crazily random as a Wand of Wonder but still uncontrollable, but hopefully, fun.


  1. While I’ll have to look up a spell or two (haven’t played Pathfinder) I love the idea of more random magic.

    • I like using the margin of success (or failure) to determine additional information about the effect. Glad you found it intriguing.

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