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New Magic Item – Yoke of Servitude (A to Z Challenge Y)

29 April, 2013

Yoke prepared for useThe Chainer Factory in the Dark Star Dominion produces magical tools for the Dominion and for the slavers that provide raw material for the Dominion’s mines and fields.  Their most produced item is a simple slave collar known as the Yoke of Servitude, or simply the Yoke, which is used on the most valuable of slaves.  It may reduce their initiative but the increase in docility makes it a widely used tool.

Those opposed to slavery will usually take any opportunity to destroy these items of oppression.

Yoke of Servitude

These metal collars range from lace-like works of precious metals to harsh and brutal ones made of iron, but all are exceptionally strong and difficult to damage or open.  Once placed around a person’s neck, they can only be removed by magic or by destroying the yoke.

They have different effects, depending on if the collar is accepted willingly or is forced upon the wearer, in either case properly placing the Yoke and activating its magic can take as long as a minute.

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