Tuesday Magic Item – Loquacious Looking Glass

23 April, 2013

Look around youThe charming youngsters of court could not resist looking at themselves in mirrors, he should his head and decided that he needed to tell everyone about his observation.  The youth of today, so vain . . .

Simia clicked shut the pocket mirror which had -just for a second- caught the image of the old Chancellor.  Perhaps this time he would talk himself out of office.

Loquacious Looking Glass

These small portable mirrors have folding covers that double as a stand, they are always well made but decorated or not at the whims of the person they were made for.

The owner gains a +1 competence bonus to Diplomacy and Disguise checks.  Up to thrice a day, someone whose image is caught in the mirror may be inflicted with the Talk Talk spell (Will DC 15).

The mirror may also be set to use this effect on the next person who catches sight of themselves in its surface must make the same save as above or be under the influence of the spell.

Aura faint enchantment; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 6,000; Weight .5 lb
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, talk talk; Cost 3,000

Notes: Created to have a Tuesday magic item, to show off my new spell and because I liked the alliteration of the name.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons and provided by the Walters Art Museum, it is in the public domain.

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