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Kickstarters I am backing: Toolcards and Short Order Heroes

21 April, 2013

These two Kickstarters are both card-based tools for roleplayers:

Toolcards, Fantasy GM Cards, are a project by my friend jim pinto at Postworld Games.  jim who did the Toolbox books for AEG so he knows what works for this sort of thing.  The cards are full of inspiration and ideas for any GM and as the stretch goals are reached, new subsets are being opened up (Wards and Dooms so far).  If you like this sort of random tool for your game inspiration, this is for you.

Short Order Heroes, which is both a light game in and of itself and a card deck for generating characters. by Calico Games, it is already up to 96-card decks with additional expansions unlocked by further stretch goals.  Panda Gaming Grove has a nice short review of Short Order Heroes (and is even willing to give you a chance to win his preview copy to people who spread word of the Short Order Heroes).

So, please investigate and see if they would be useful to you.  If so, please support them.

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