City NPC – Questor (A to Z Challenge Q)

19 April, 2013

“If you need information on the Death Cults of a Sorcavii Plains,” announced Questor Icalli, “you have come to the right scholar.  No one else in the city, nay, the world can answer your questions with such authority . . . with the possible exception of the members of said cults.”

Questors, The Honorable League and Fellowship of

The origins of the Questors have been lost in time, always a loosely organized group, their tradition passed as often by practical apprenticeship as formal training.  They seek information, truth and justice.

Goal: Seek the Truth, Promote Justice

The Questors are a band of truth-seekers, detectives and researchers ferreting out information and secrets and turning such knowledge into justice when they can.  Some members are more diligent in one side of the equation or the other but all, in theory, strive for both true knowledge and justice.


Questors often find themselves operating on the edge of the law and outside of normal channels as the quest for truth and justices does not always align with the path of law and order.  They are rarely malicious in their ends, being driven by the ideals of justice, but some are willing to push harder to see that what they perceive as justice is done.

Leader and Organization

The League and Fellowship is too loosely organized to have a true leader, it more has peers and high peers, those who are respected for their master of subjects or particular skills.  The organization is fluid and depends on a network of personal relationship rather than formal ranks and duties.


There is no such place, though Questors often refer to a place ‘above the bakery’ when referring to things from the founding of the Questors or otherwise lost to history.


The Questors recruit people who share their goals, and occasionally they are sought out by such people.  There is usually some sort of trail or set of tests to test the applicant’s skills and dedication to the League and Fellowship’s goals but these vary depending on the members administering them.  Once they have impressed one or more Questors, the new member will be introduced or given letters of introduction to other Questors as needed, but, like everything else, it is all very informal and ad hoc.

Gaining Prestige

Gaining respect in the Questors is based on finding out information and disseminating it through the organization as well as promoting the cause of justice.  Members who hoard information for no other reason than to do so are looked down upon and will often find it hard to get help from their fellow members.


The League and Fellowship have access to a great deal of hidden and esoteric knowledge and unusual skills.  Its members vary widely in social status and wealth but must are willing to aid a fellow member, even if it is only with a cot and a meal.

Allies and Enemies

The Questors try to work with the local authorities, but depending on the level of corruption and efficiency on to how close and how friendly this cooperation will be.  Questors can be viewed as talented dilettantes or potential rivals by the authorities or anything in between, usually they are only approached by the authorities when their special talents aline with an unusual case.

The criminal element is usually, but not always, distrustful of the Questors but as they seek truth, not just to satisfy the hue and cry of the mob (or elite), they are often considered to be fair dealers.  Their skills are often welcome in situations where even the criminal syndicates want the perpetrators caught.

Adventure Seeds

If a member
•    A fellow member requests the character’s aid, as they have unique skills to assist in the solving of a case.
•    The character is given a chance to compete in a puzzle solving contest representing the Fellowship.
•    A relative is accused of a crime and appeals to the character for aid in finding out the truth of the matter and proving them innocent.

If an outsider or interested in joining
•    The Questors invite the characters to participate in a combination puzzle solving competition and scavenger hunt to prove their worthiness.
•    A Questor hires the characters for their unique skills in the solving of a crime or mystery.
•    A Questor, injured or otherwise infirm, hires the character to act as their “eye, ears and hands” in the solving of a case.

Adapting the Questors to other settings

The Questors can fit in any game world that deduction and evidence is accepted in the court of law.  They are consulting detectives, esoteric researchers and specialists in all sorts of obscure and specialized knowledge.

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