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New Magic Item – Peryton Antler Sabre (A to Z Challenge P)

18 April, 2013

Not yet weaponizedKonry readied her twin swords, her enemy blinking in confusion upon seeing the antler blades that she used.  “Do not quail, good sir, my swords are equal to any made of steel.”

“Tricky weapon will not save you,” he sneered, “your insult will be answered in blood.”

“Insult?  You were the one who insisted on forcing your attentions upon me, sir,” she replied, keeping her guard up.  “Do not play the injured party.  Twas your rudeness that has brought us to this pass.”

Soon, the man’s blood decorated both the alleyway and Konry’s blades.  “Fool,” she muttered as the blood slowly soaked into the antlers.

Peryton Antler Sabre

These unusual weapons are made of the alchemically shaped and treated horn of a peryton, which are light, flexible and surprisingly sharp.  The grips are usually made of leather taken from an exotic creature of some sort.

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