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Unusual Disease – Obsidian Transmorphism (A to Z Challenge O)

17 April, 2013

Shiny stone skin is made of thisVokk flexed his hand, watching the glittering black stone bend and crack.  It was a vicious weapon now, but he felt too slow, too confined by his new, stone skin to use it effectively

In another day or two, they should reach the temple, perhaps the healers there could reverse the effect.  He hoped so.  He had heard of the lingering deaths of those inflicted with this malady.

Obsidian Transmorphism

This magic disease is spread through fragment of obsidian containing over active elemental fragments either by entering through wounds or be being eaten, the seeds of obsidian lodge in the muscle tissue and begin to transform it from there.  As this magical disease progresses, the sufferer’s skin and flesh are slowly transmuted into obsidian, usually black obsidian but rarely other varieties.  When the transformation is complete, the sufferer can not longer breath and is slowly suffocated to death by the inflexibility of their own flesh,

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