Tuesday Magic Item – Name Thief Staff (A to Z Challenge N)

16 April, 2013

The Court Mage Shelralian was rarely seen without their slender, leather wrapped staff which was used as an all purpose tool for gesturing, tapping and even walking with.

Shelralian was renown for their knowledge and silver tongue as much as for mastery of magic and those that opposed the Court Mage’s designs often found themselves outmaneuvered and exiled from Court.

Name Thief Staff

This slender staff is made of parchment-colored wood tightly wrapped with thin leather.  If the staff was unwrapped, the names of those whose names were stolen.  The leather does not stain as long as it remains wrapped.

The name thief staff may be used as a weapon as it is a masterwork/normal staff but that is far from its primary purpose.

Touched to a person, it will attempt to steal that person’s name, the victim must make a Will save (DC 19) or forget their name for the next minute and it is inscribed on the staff.  Anyone whose name is inscribed on the staff suffers a -5 penalty on any social rolls opposing and a -2 to resist any enchantment spell cast by the staff’s owner.

The staff can only hold one hundred names, when a name beyond that is added, the leather unfurls and rewraps, erasing all names upon the staff, leaving it a blank slate but dispelling any lingering enchantment spells cast by the staff’s owner upon those named.

Aura strong enchantment; CL 11th
Slot none; Price 40,300; Weight 3 lbs
Requirements Craft Staff, bestow curse, detect thoughts, modify memory, suggestion; Cost 20,000 +300 for the staff

Notes: A social tool but one that only enhances the natural talents of its owner.

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