Esoteric Texts – Mastery of Mystic Might (A to Z Challenge M)

15 April, 2013

Arcane knowledge at your fingertipsScanning through the collection of ancient texts the peddler had, Aithi eyes fell on a aged leather bound book with flakes of gild still clinging to the spine.  Pulling it free with effort, the book was quickly opened.  It was old, very old, but surprisingly in good condition.  The  pages were in some ancient language, half familiar, but unmistakably it was about magic.

The peddler was paid and the book spirited away, to reveal its secrets in leisure.

Mastery of Mystic Might

Copies of this tome appeared in great numbers perhaps a decade before the Draconic War against the Gods, printed by the great presses of Aroland and bound in the leather from the cattle of Molth.  The work explored a philosophy of magical and personal power, one surprisingly close the the Draconic philosophy of Dominae.  The philosophy, if followed appeared to grant those who embraced it greater magical power, but sought to turn them away from the divine powers.

Perhaps this book weakened the support of the gods at a critical time or caused mages to turn from aiding them in that decisive conflict, it cannot be known.  But some scholars believe it was the Empress herself who penned the Mastery of Mystic Might and had it printed and distributed so far and wide.  If so, her schemes to displace the gods were more complex then is commonly thought.

The work is found in a variety of languages, though most that survive are in ancient dwarven and locked away in the vaults of the Earthkine, including several that are dead or nearly so following the Sundering.  It is a book that rewards careful study and practice of the techniques contained within.  A month of study, at least six hours a day, gives access to the following ability which can be used once a day per arcane spell casting level:

When casting a spell, they may take 1d4+1 point per spell level of non-lethal damage to make a Spellcraft roll against a DC of 15 + [Spell Level x2] to cast the spell at +1 caster level or with a +1 to DC, on a failed Spellcraft check the non-lethal damage is still suffered but the spell gains no bonus. 

Additionally, with access to the book for an hour, it provides a +2 equipment bonus to Knowledge (arcane) checks.

A copy of this book in good condition is worth at least 500 to a collector or ambitious spell caster.

Notes: And halfway through the alphabet now!

Photo by history-art-photos and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


  1. I like the hints of world-building you’ve weaved in with this item.

    • Thank you. Part of the A to Z theme is trying to be the world before the Sundering, in other words, the world of the Sea of Stars when it still had gods.

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