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Esoteric Texts – Mastery of Mystic Might (A to Z Challenge M)

15 April, 2013

Arcane knowledge at your fingertipsScanning through the collection of ancient texts the peddler had, Aithi eyes fell on a aged leather bound book with flakes of gild still clinging to the spine.  Pulling it free with effort, the book was quickly opened.  It was old, very old, but surprisingly in good condition.  The  pages were in some ancient language, half familiar, but unmistakably it was about magic.

The peddler was paid and the book spirited away, to reveal its secrets in leisure.

Mastery of Mystic Might

Copies of this tome appeared in great numbers perhaps a decade before the Draconic War against the Gods, printed by the great presses of Aroland and bound in the leather from the cattle of Molth.  The work explored a philosophy of magical and personal power, one surprisingly close the the Draconic philosophy of Dominae.  The philosophy, if followed appeared to grant those who embraced it greater magical power, but sought to turn them away from the divine powers.

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