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New Monster – Lunar Crow (A to Z Challenge L)

13 April, 2013

Watching for his MistressHambbon could not shake the feeling that they crows were plotting something against him as he explored the ruined temple.  Every time  he turned around, one was watching him with those black eyes.

But the ancient temples to the moon goddess had not been looted, at least, he did not think so.

When he hit the tripwire and tumbled into the pit, he was certain they were laughing at him.

Crow, Lunar

These magical creatures were created as servants of the moon as used as her messengers, in direct moonlight their sooty black plumage turns into a beautiful silver-white.  Since the moon’s exile, they have become more feral and vicious, action on the mad schemes of their mistress.

Lunar crows often serve as familiars to those who are moon cultists or may be useful to the moon’s cause.

Lunar Crow    CR 1/3 (XP 135)

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