New Trap – “Klick, Klick” (A to Z Challenge K)

12 April, 2013

“Click,” sounded the pressure plate at Morin Took, professional trap finder, stepped upon it.  “We might have a problem,” he whispered back to his companions.

“What is the problem?” asked Hammerskal, master of hammer and crossbow, edging forward only to be rewarded with a distinct “click” of his own.  “Bugger.”

“OK, everyone keep back,” said Morin, “we need to work out what it is going to trigger.”

“Klick, Klick” Trap (CR 2) XP 400

A series of pressure plates that activate increasing dangerous looking potential weapons.

Type magic; Perception DC 26; Disable Device DC 26

Those who know a 1st level or higher Illusion spell  or who have 3 or more ranks in Knowledge (arcane)  gain a +2 competence bonus on the Perception and Disarm Devices roll.


Trigger ‘pressure plates’; Reset automatic, every day

Effect spell effect (alarm / ghost sound / silent image) The trap is about creating audible “kicks” as people move into the area it protects, after a certain number of ‘clicks’ it appears (illusion) that slits open in the walls ahead.  But really, the whole thing is just about delaying people while the ‘trap’ delivers an alarm to a nearby guard station.

How I would suggest staging this trap is when the first “klick” triggers, place a big D6 in the middle of the table, showing 6.  Each further “klick” count down.  At 2, “the slits open” and at one . . . Nothing.

Notes:  Yes, the trap is nothing by a sham to delay and confuse intruders while giving the guards/defenders time to respond.  In some ways it is an homage to Oglaf’s Lair of the Trapmaster (note the rest of Oglaf is NSFW).

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