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New Magic Item – Jealousy Ring (A to Z Challenge J)

11 April, 2013

A yellow rose for youThe skilled courtier Vanee was know for their stirring speeches and clever maneuverings and their skill only increased following the gift of a silver and gilt ring from “an ardent admirer”.

But in the weeks and months that followed, Vanee began to lose perspective becoming increasingly focused on winning every exchange and minor verbal duel.  Even the brightest star must dim and within the year, Vanee was banished from court for a year and a day and no one expect to see Vanee’s return . . .

Jealousy Ring

These rings are made of silver that is always slightly tarnished no matter how polished in the form in intertwining roses their flowers gilded with yellow gold.  The ring one put on is difficult, but not impossible, to remove.

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