New Magic Item – Impossible Ring (A to Z Challenge I)

10 April, 2013

All one sideWishtfal Sugarfoot twisted the odd ring on his finger, he know it could do amazing things and it had saved his life more than once before . . . but should he risk using it now?

Suddenly the choice was made for him, his closed his hand and focuses his energy and . . .

Impossible Ring

These rings are well, unusual, before placing them on a finger, they are a Möbius band, one side a bright silver-white that glows in almost any light, the other a light absorbing black, even though a Möbius band only has one side . . . Once someone tries to put the ring on, it flows over the finger to become a normal ring, though it flickers between the dark and light side following some indecipherable pattern.

The ring’s basic power is to keep the wearer anchored in their own reality -internal and external-, any attempt to change that will be resisted by the ring, this includes: plane shifts, mind-affecting spells and abilities, polymorph, and other effects that warp the mind, body or space around such.  The ring’s wearer gains a +4 resistance bonus to saves against such effects.

The ring’s greater power is to warp reality for the wearer, to achieve unlikely effects, however, such a use is not without cost.  It can do the following things:

  • Blur, the wearer must make a Will Save (DC 15) or all attacks they make suffer a 10%  miss chance for the duration of the blur effect as their perceptions fail to align with reality.  This may be used up to twice a day.
  • Dimension Door, the wearer must make a Will save (DC 18) or suffer the effects of a blink spell at random intervals for the next 3d10 minutes as they become unstuck from the physical world.  This may be used once a day.
  • Limited Wish, the wearer must make a Will save (DC 30) or the effect is random or reversed (as the GM’s discretion) and on a roll of “1″ they must roll again and on a second roll of “1″ they vanish from reality, leaving only the ring behind.  This effect can only be attempted once a week.

The ring’s wearer is also the center of random yet minor magical manifestations (about as powerful as prestidigitation) which become more common the more the magic of the ring is used.

Aura strong universal; CL 13th
Slot ring; Price 50,000; Weight
Construction Requirements
Forge Ring, dimensional anchor, dimension door, limited wish, a fragment of something beyond this reality; Cost 25,000

Notes: Totally forgot to do a magic item for Tuesday!  Sorry about that.

Photo by mtgtopdeck and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


One comment

  1. Very cool. I might call this a Moebius ring in play though, if only as reference to Metron’s Moebius chair in The New Gods. Great item!

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