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New Magic Item – Impossible Ring (A to Z Challenge I)

10 April, 2013

All one sideWishtfal Sugarfoot twisted the odd ring on his finger, he know it could do amazing things and it had saved his life more than once before . . . but should he risk using it now?

Suddenly the choice was made for him, his closed his hand and focuses his energy and . . .

Impossible Ring

These rings are well, unusual, before placing them on a finger, they are a Möbius band, one side a bright silver-white that glows in almost any light, the other a light absorbing black, even though a Möbius band only has one side . . . Once someone tries to put the ring on, it flows over the finger to become a normal ring, though it flickers between the dark and light side following some indecipherable pattern.

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