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City NPC – Guardian (A to Z Challenge – G)

8 April, 2013

The trio of masked Guardians moved through the crowd, they did not even have to use their staves, the crowd just parted for them.  Arriving at the scene of the altercation, the tallest of them spoke, “What happened here?”

They cut through the babble of voices and quickly analyzed the situation.  The person responsible for starting the fight and his friend, who had instigated it, were taken to the guardian’s cell to await their appearance before the town’s magistrate.  Their prisoners in tow, they departed as quickly as they had arrived, leaving calm in their wake.


The Guardians are an offshoot of a highly ordered philosophical sect, possibly originally inspired by the Law Lords, the gods of law, governance and order, the Guardians survived the war and the Sundering to continue to expound and expand on their way of thought.

Goal: Order in All Things

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