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Shadowrun 2069 Campaign Report 3 and 4 and New Seattle Scream (#39)

7 April, 2013

After the disaster of the last mission, the team expected to settle into a period of rebuilding.  It was not to be.  Episode 3 began with a full scale Lone Star raid on the team’s headquarters/dorm/workshop building.  Lots of (not currently active) characters were arrested and some considerable lose of materials and status.

Those who avoided arrest went to ground and a few weeks later, their contact are willing to send a job their way of the escapees and of some new arrivals on the scene.  They are approached by an employer who has been tagged with the name ‘Argentina’ for her solid silver cybereyes, she has been hiring runners across Seattle, it is rumored that she is ‘trying out’ teams for a permanent gig.  She hires the team to destroy a small recording studio that was part of a converted strip mall.

Even with a little bad luck, they manage to succeed in the mission but several members are tagged by the security company, leading to “meetings” with members of Dark Star Security warning them off from interfering with DSS protected targets in the future.  These people are given a break as they helped out DSS in the past but that debt is now cleared away.

Seattle Scream 39 bridges Episode 3 and 4.

Episode 4 has the runners hired to disrupt the last call in Seattle for the Road to Stardom series.  Which they did, with bombs, disrupting vehicles and finally a sniper attack on one of the celebrity judges, though not as effectively as they would have liked and not enough to earn a bonus from their employer.  Also one runner was arrested and another will find himself blackmailed in the aftermath . . .

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