Trap(ish) – Fool’s Feast (A to Z Challenge F)

6 April, 2013
Have a bite.

Free for the taking.

We came upon a room in the tower, a guard’s room hastily and recently abandoned.  Food and drink scattered, mostly uneaten on the table.  It had been nearly half a day since we had eaten, so we fell upon the food.

It was a restorative and we felt much refreshed and ready to fight.  But when we next entered into combat, we were suddenly befuddled and unable to act or even think clearly.  Had our foes been more dangerous we all would have died.

The truth was it was a trap for the unwary.  There were not even any human guards in the tower!

Fool’s Feast (CR 2) XP 400

A table of food, recently made, obviously abandoned in a hurry.  Chairs around it as shifted away as the people around it suddenly left, one has even been knocked over.

Type magic; Perception DC 29; No Disable Device possible

Those who know a 3rd level or higher spell with the creation descriptor or who have 3 or more ranks in Profession (chef) or Craft (cooking) or similar gain a +2 competence bonus on the Perception roll.


Trigger none, the food or drink must be consumed; Reset automatic, every day

Effect spell effect (minor creation / bestow curse / unseen servant) For the first 1d6 minute after consuming the food, the consumers gain a +2 moral bonus against Fear effects.  The next time the consumer is in a stress situation, they are confused (no save) for 1d6 rounds.

Notes: A trap that entirely depends on the action of the characters, but adventurers should know better than to eat food they find in a dungeon, yes?  The CR is low for a nasty effect, but all you have to do is not eat the food to avoid it.

Photo by raasiel and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


  1. I think this is one most adventurers probably won’t fall for. Anything that seems to be laid out for free, they’re pretty suspicious of. Now, have them kill a few goblins to get the food, and they’d eat it right up.

    • I agree, it will entirely depend on the framing of the encounter with the trap. Well, and on how much of a bastard the GM usually is.

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