Esoteric Texts – Dragon’s Dream (A to Z Challege D)

4 April, 2013

Boks, books, booksDragon’s Dream: A Speculation on the withdraw of the Dragons and their Future Plans by Iphrim Saliz, Silver Sage of the Order of Nine Scrolls

Iphrim Saliz was a learned sage and researcher, his actual focus of study was mercantile caravans and patterns of trade but due to correspondence with several of his peers and the withdraw of the Dragoncoin Consortium from active trade led him to seek an explanation of the withdraw of dragons from playing an active role in commerce or anything else.

His curiosity turned to obsession as he tried to trace first where the dragon went and then, the far more elusive, why had they done so.  In doing so he turned to ancient lore, interviews with those that dealt with the dragons and, finally, divination and diviners of all stripes.  This book was the end result of these studies.

It was initially published in small numbers by the Order of Nine Scrolls but it caught the public imagination and so it, and illicit copies thereof, were soon printed and disseminated across the Eight Cities of Rel and beyond.  Before Iphrim could complete a revised version, the War against the Gods had begun and Saliz vanished.

Since then, the Dragon’s Dream has been reprinted in many forms, often annotated or expanded.  Some dragons have actively sought to repress it, but most -including the Empress- just choose to ignore it.

The book lists his quest for information, noting much of the diviner’s arts and their readings, however he expresses skepticism about many of the stranger one but not about the information, and mystical signs, that the dragons were planning something major.  While many options were discussed as to what that mysterious design was, the one that Saliz felt was most likely was that the dragon planned conquest.

Many think that Saliz successful predicted the War against the Gods but even if that is so, the warning fell on deaf ears.  Since the Sundering, enemies of the dragons have poured over Saliz’s work hoping to find information that can be used against them.

Notes: Photo by Denise Krebs and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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  1. Interesting!! I love dragons…..

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