Short Pathfinder/OGL Reviews – Daredevils and Constructs

12 March, 2013

Two different Pathfinder/OGL resources here, one for primarily for players and one for Game Masters:

Anachronistic Adventurers: The Daredevil is part of Super Genius Games’ Anachronistic Adventurers (3rd in the series) framed around the idea of people from modern(ish) worlds carried away into a fantasy world.  The Daredevil represents the most adventurous of the adventurers, people who rely on raw cussedness and luck to get the job done and survive.  While framed around the modern person in a fantasy world, it works as a pure adventuring class as well.  It is full of good, solid ideas for those who like these sorts of characters.

The Daredevil gains an ability called dauntless surge which allows them to gain situational bonuses, they also gain talents and bonus feats to reinforce their adventurous theme.  They get to choose an archetype (and can use others drawn from the other Anachronistic Adventurers products), the one included here are: Escapist, Secret Agent, Masked Adventurer, and Occultist (with rules for ritual magic).   A few new feats and rules on progress levels (for cross-world adventurers) round out the product and giving the class a wide range of options.

The Corithian Construct Catalog is (unsurprisingly) a selection of constructs, seven of them with three variants for a total of ten beings.  There are no illustrations in this product just text, which is fine as many of the construct ideas are very good and you get a good impress even from just the basic text descriptions and power sets.  If constructs have a major place in your campaign, this catalog is full of inspiration.

There is a good variety of CR represented among the constructs ranging from 2 to 13 with designs for maintenance and repair, a librarian, and a variety of combat and guardian models.  My favorite is the terribly named “blingling” which looks like a dragon hatchling made from gems and precious metals. My only complaint is that even the low level constructs are mostly immune to magic, though each is given some sort of magic vulnerability as well which is good but I am of the opinion that such levels of resistance should be rare.

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