February already? And a look back over January.

1 February, 2013

The first month of 2013 just seemed to fly by!  We hope it has gone well for you.   Now we begin February, which gets its name from Latin term februum, which means purification, via the purification ritual Februa performed at this time of year.  The Romans considered February an ill-fortuned month which is why it is shorter than the others.   We return to the theme 0f curses, cursed items, ill-fortune and, perhaps, defense against such terrible things here in February.

As usual, suggestions, comments and ideas are welcome.

What was published on the journal in January, 2013:


More Cyberpunk Inspiration, for those that like cyberpunk.

“You want the truth?”, a scene from our Out of Time M&M game.

New Magic Items:

Cossak’s Shashka, a sharp sabre for the mounter killer.

Fire Stone, to keep you warm without revealing your location.

Goat Calling Flute, a thousand and one uses has the common goat.

Hemloth’s Lunar Harness and Plow, secret magic for farmers.

Mouse Bridle, for escaping.

Sundial of New Year’s Resolutions, make a public oath and the magic will help you keep it.

Surgeon’s Needle, to make the heal skill more useful.

New Monster:

Goat, yes, a goat.

Campaign Reports:

Pattern SeekersEpisode 11: Box, Laws and God-Hunters and Episode 12: Shells, Wyrmlings and Man-Eating Plants.


Cats and Angels for Pathfinder, Catfolk and Aasimar options.

Eldritch Races: Runeborn.



  1. Since you are much into Pathfinder, I began a series called “Tweaking Pathfinder” on my blog (jpchapleau.blogspot.com) which I do every Thursday.
    It is aimed at fixing things that don’t work OR that annoy me greatly but not completely redoing the whole game.

    • Pathfinder is a fun system to mess around with and I have been playing with 3.x since it released. Always fun to chat with other rules tinkerers.

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