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Tuesday Magic Item – Hemloth’s Lunar Harness and Plow

29 January, 2013

Away from the prying eyes of the lord’s greedy tax collectors and the church’s grasping functionaries, a large clearing had been made in the forest.

“Are you sure about this, Herrick?” asked his son.

“We need crop that we can count on, that will not be taken for war or taxes,” replied Herrick, a grizzled old farmer, as he pulled on a harness clearly meant for a horse.  “Now grip that plow, we will need to get as much work done as we can tonight.”

His son did so, his knuckles white.  Herrick took the bit between his teeth as the moon rose above the trees.  As the light struck him, his body grew and shifted, painfully changing him from man to horse.  Only his tight grip on the bit between his teeth kept him from screaming through the ordeal.  Once he was fully horse, he began pulling the plow which cut an easy and deep furrow in the recently cleared ground.

Hemloth’s Lunar Harness and Plow

These items are of great age but clearly well cared for and mended, the harness is of leather and blackened iron while the plow is hardened oak with a iron share (blade).  They often are of quite ancient design.

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