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More Cyberpunk Inspiration

24 January, 2013

Military and militant corporations are a staple of cyberpunk futures (and actually exist, look at Academi formerly known as Blackwater).  But they do not have to be the bad guy, they might just be useful employers and allies.  Maybe you are having problems with pirates?  Then you could hire a private navy like the Typhon company to provide one!  It seems like there could be some good adventure in working for (or against) a company like Typhon.

Extrapolating from current trends, you should be worried about the ever present surveillance state and very worried about closed circuit camera (CCTV), facial recognition software and drones?  (And if you are not, you probably should be.)  What about a privacy visor to counter facial recognition software?    Or perhaps some anti-drone fashion to make life more difficult for those spies in the skies (more on stealth wear here)?

Need a clever way to store data?  How about on strands of DNA?  How much information could be hidden in a cat?

I will also link to my Cyberpunk board on Pinterest again, it is slowly growing as new pieces are found.

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