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New Magic Item – Surgeon’s Needle

23 January, 2013

For a sharp task“Hand me my case, Mister Mate,” said the ships Doctor, looking over the injured man.  Fragments of splinted wood were embedded in the poor sailor’s side.

The doctor tsked softly as she looked over the wounds, “Good thing I was on hand, he will not last much longer without help.  She opened her case and began setting out tools.  “Open the treated thread, it is in the blue tine there.  Be care, try not to spill any of the liquid.”  With a keen eye and deft hand, at best one could be on a rolling ship in any case, she set to work.

Surgeon’s Needle

These needles are almost always made of metal, usually steel but occasionally mithril, with a slight curve to them.  They are preternaturally sharp.

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