New Magic Item – Fire Stone

17 January, 2013

Niko disliked the weight of the stone, but the ability to keep warm without fire or smoke was worth it when you were watching someone and did not want them to know they were being watched.

He set the bread and cheese on the stone to warm keeping an ear open for movement on behalf of his target.

Fire Stone

These rune-covered stones are drawn from a well-used hearth, often with ash embedded in the cracks and runes.

When placed on the ground, and the magic words are spoken over, the runes begin to glow red lines of fire and them smokeless, flameless heat. After a few moments, the rock reaches maximum, constant heat, equal to a small campfire or hearth fire. The heat can warm, stave off freezing and cook upon, but it cannot be increased or decreased. When the words are spoken again, the rock quickly cools, ceases to glow and becomes inert.  It can be used for up to eight hours in any day.

The rocks are tough, they are rocks after all, but if the runes are cracked it sometimes renders them inert other times it prevents the fire stone from being turned off, meaning once it has been turned on it will run for eight hours.

Aura faint transmutation; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 500; Weight 8 lbs
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, burning hands or produce flame or summon monster I; Cost 250

Notes:  This item was created by my friend Howard Brandon who plays Niko in the Pattern Seekers game (and who gets a cameo in the fiction), I just provided the Pathfinder mechanics.  Another practical but not very flashy magic item.

One comment

  1. Yeh, as a Reenactor spending time out in the woods in primitive gear, this is something I have dreamed about while soaking in my wool.

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