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Review – Eldritch Races: Runeborn

16 January, 2013

Eldritch Races: Runeborn presents (surprise!) a new race for Pathfinder, the Runeborn are accidental exiles from the moon and are bonded with lunar silver making them half-constructs thus able to survive in inhospitable habitats such as their home.  They are an intriguing race well suited to play as adventurers or be encountered in unusual and unexpected locations.

The Runeborn has an interesting set of abilities, mostly from their status as half-constructs but also due to them being tied to both the moon and the magic of words.  The society of the Runeborn is sketched out as is their relation with other races and religions allowing them to be easily adapted into a setting.  Supporting the race are variant racial abilities (and examples of how they can be expressed in as racial subtypes), favored class options, five new feats, one piece of new equipment (only of use to the Runeborn) and a new spell round out the product giving a good amount of material to work with.  The author includes the Advance Race Guide’s scale of points to show how the racial mechanics fit together and where they are in relation to the abilities of others races while another sidebar talks about other useful character options from non-core Pathfinder books.

Overall, the Runeborn are an unusual race but one with considerable possibilities for use in a campaign.

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