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Tuesday Magic Item – Goat Calling Flute

8 January, 2013
Unfluted goat's horn


“Are you gonna play the fiddle for us, Uncle Aja?  Are ya?  Are ya?” clambered the assorted children. around the bard.

“You just settle down, little misses and misters,” laughed Aja.  “I’ve got a treat that will make the fiddlin’ all that much better.”

“Whatist?”  “What you got?”  “Show us, Uncle Aja!”

With a flourish, Aja produced a flute and began playing a jaunty tune.  Soon, two goats appeared and began dancing, once they did, Aja picked up his fiddle and began leading goats and kids in a merry dance.

Goat Calling Flute

These flutes are always carved from the horn of a goat and can be found in various shapes and sizes depending on the type of goat the horn was taken from.

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