Pattern Seekers – Episode 11: Box, Laws and God-Hunters

1 January, 2013

After only a day or so after retrieving the sword in the anvil, our heroes were once again summoned.  A more straight forward task this time, they are to take a suitcase sized box, made of the same weird resin as the potion bottles, and deliver it to Judge Abraham Haddeth in the City of Kallingsverg as a sign of respect to a potential ally.

The portal ending them up in a patch of scrub not too far from a road,along which soon came a large cart pulled by an ox and full of turnips.  Our heroes confirmed it was heading to Kallingverg and hitched a ride.  The city soon comes into view, it is a walled port city in shades of gray with a massive fortress on the height looming over it all.  Making it past the guards at the city gate, partly by Mirror confusing them with niceness, our heroes accompanied the cart as far as the farmers’ market before heading on.

A comedy of errors followed as they tried to locate the judge only to find the courts were closed, the legal pub was not much help either, while Mirror was performing street magics, a pair of young guildsmen tried to make off with the case (and were barely apprehended by Serrin and Tack), dealing a squad of godhunters (police charged with rooting out illegal faiths) and managing to get them to give them a guide to the judges house (poor Mr Klaus), made it to the judge’s house only to find he is at the law library . . . finally they were able to deliver the box but they still had to carry it down deep below the courts for the judge.  It was opened to reveal a pair of scales made of cut crystal which are placed safely in the hidden temple.  (Possibly an artifact of the Law Lords, the gods of laws and the courts before the Sundering.)  They are lead out through another secret passage and find themselves in the lawyer’s pub.  The party disperses with everyone but Bradly finding lodging at one of the sailor’s inns and doing some gambling, storytelling and performing.  Bradly stays at the higher priced lawyers’ pub and tries to make some contacts.  They leave the next day, after Bradly talks with the local Sun Temple and buys himself a cane of candy, a choice the others are bemused by.

They find the portal and return to the Complex, awaiting their next task.

Notes: T2 had a Christmas party to attend, so no Rollin, and T1 was in New England, so no Thea and Pho either.  But H had joined us bringing Nikko back into play.  J2 has dropped by to pick up the latest Netrunner data pack and stayed to play as Tack.

An interesting adventure, very little dice rolling or conflict, just lots of roleplaying and randomness.


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