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Pattern Seekers – Episode 11: Box, Laws and God-Hunters

1 January, 2013

After only a day or so after retrieving the sword in the anvil, our heroes were once again summoned.  A more straight forward task this time, they are to take a suitcase sized box, made of the same weird resin as the potion bottles, and deliver it to Judge Abraham Haddeth in the City of Kallingsverg as a sign of respect to a potential ally.

The portal ending them up in a patch of scrub not too far from a road,along which soon came a large cart pulled by an ox and full of turnips.  Our heroes confirmed it was heading to Kallingverg and hitched a ride.  The city soon comes into view, it is a walled port city in shades of gray with a massive fortress on the height looming over it all.  Making it past the guards at the city gate, partly by Mirror confusing them with niceness, our heroes accompanied the cart as far as the farmers’ market before heading on.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Sundial of New Year’s Resolutions

1 January, 2013

Time for a Change

As was traditional, the town council began the day at dawn, as the first rays of the first sunrise of the new year touched them and the sundial, they made their pledges for self-improvement.  Though it was a challenge to have all twelve of them touch it at the same time.  Their spouses followed and then their children.  Then the heads of the guilds and so on.

All enjoyed the huge breakfast provided by the Culinary Guild and the Union of Innkeepers and Restaurateurs and discussed their goals for their resolutions as slowly everyone in the town made a resolution of improvement, even if only a small one.

Sundial of New Year’s Resolutions

These sundials are made of metal or stone and are usually ornately decorated with prayers for guidance or allegories of self-improvement.  They are usually placed in a prominent civic location such as a public park.

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