Pattern Seekers – Episode 10: New Faces and an Old Friend Reforged

19 December, 2012

It has been quite some time since our last episode and we see a shake up of our core cast with this episode, losing Defender and DeLorean Martin and gaining Mirror, Rollin and Serrin (see the revised characters page).

The characters (the new one plus Bradley and Thea) are called before the Shaper who let them know that Defender has vanished from the Complex with a variety of valuable items that have been gathered.  They have located which portal he treveled through and wish the item returned and an explanation if possible.  Each of our heroes is given a set of three bottles marked with honeycombs and they are lead to the gateway.

They are in a barren forest among what they take to be a snowfall, but soon realize is ash.  They find a trail of broken limbs through the forest which lead to an open pit mine carved into the earth. As they work their way around, they encounter a dwarf, who says that he is a scavenger and that they should avoid the beetles.

Continuing on, they see a tower with five distinct floors, one of which seems to rotate as they approach.  Moving cautiously, they move to the tower’s door, which is metal, and knock.  The door opens to a ringing of chimes.  It is decorated in magical industrial style complete with woven metal carpet.  Investigation, the corridor curves around, following the outer wall of the tower and a stairway leads up.

Investigating the stairway first, they hear a tinny buzzing sounds and sure enough, it is a set of five clockwork beetles.  They manage to lure the beetles outside, suffering only a few bites in the process, and trap the metal bugs outside.  Further exploration reveals a forge on this level, the next level has a webwork of wire which they decided not to explore, the third floor has a library written in an unknown script, the fourth has an animated ballista that briefly pins Serrin to a wall before they manage to hack it apart, it was protecting an armory stocked with ammunition for the ballista.

At the top, which seemed to be a mirror of the ground floor, they are attacked by a beast composed of slag and heat, that proves most difficult to put down.  Its furnace hot exterior burns both Pho and destroys the arrows Rollin put into it.  Moving further, they are repelled by heat pouring off the forge by press on to look.  There there see a pair of disembodied gauntlets forging a sword, their attempts to disrupt such come to naught, as theygauntlets finisg their task and drive the sword into the anvil, they then clasp the tang and melt into a grip of ivory colored enamel with a gem set on each side, the gems -like the gauntlets- used to be part of Defender.  As the heat dies down, they attempt to remove the sword, to no success though it shifts slightly when Thea tries.

With great effort, they drag the anvil and sword back to the gate.  Once in the complex, a giant beetle (of the not metallic sort) pick it up and carries it to the Shaper who listen to the report of what happen and promises to investigate.  Thea asks if it might be stored in her room as Defender always used to watch over her while she slept, the request is granted.

Notes: Lots of new characters this time, two new players and one old player switching out characters.  DeLorean Martin has mysteriously disappeared while the story above spells out Defender‘s fate (as J has moved to New England and I wanted to give his character a fitting end).

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