Seattle Scream (#37) and Shadowrun campaign report with Jenny Everywhere

24 November, 2012

The Shadowrun campaign continues (with the latest news from 2068 here in Seattle Scream 37).  Their were hired to protect someone who was trying to organize the independent talismongers and other magical providers by Jenny Everywhere (who I intend to have cameo next time I run superheroes as well) and managed to prevent a drugged up Triad hitman from gunning the organizer down.  A second game had them deliver six mysterious cylinders to the secure areas of a biotech company which they managed to do with one of the characters getting almost gunned down by a security guard while he was gliding away from the building leading to an interesting (and instantly viral) online video of his crash and subsequent rescue by the troll on the team.

Next issue (and possibly next game) will see us moving forward into 2069!


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