Tuesday Magic Item – Medium’s Mask

30 October, 2012

Madam Morisque spoke, her voice quiet across the darkened room, “You must be still and silent until the spirit comes into me, then we will communicate with your lost love ones.  At least, those that can cross the veil to find us.”  She slowly pulled on the featureless silver mask.

For  a few moments nothing happened, then the mask started to deform and twist, reshaping itself into a harsh, male face.  “Is my worthless son here?  I hope so, I have word for him,”  spoke a harsh, hollow voice from behind the mask.

Medium’s Mask

These masks are made from a variety of materials: wood, metal, ceramic, but they are always featureless on the outside.  The interior is often inscribed sometime with summoning and protective magics, other times with prayers or names of the dead.  When a spirit is called, the mask will take on the visage of that spirit and the medium will speak in a semblance of the spirit’s mortal voice.

As part of a minute long ritual, the wearer of the mask may attempt to contact the spirits of the dead which requires a Will save or a Spellcraft roll against a DC of 18 + 1 for every decade since the spirit was alive, a living relative or artifact will provide a bonus to this roll.  Each attempt to contact a spirit causes the mask wearer to take 1d2 points of Wisdom damage.
The spirit will communicate what its wishes for 2d6 minutes.  Though the mask wearer can engage in a contested Will save against the spirit’s Will save to compel it to address an issue, though that does not force the spirit to answer in a way the wearer wishes.
A hostile spirit can attempt to possess the mask’s wearer by engaging in a contested Will roll, with the mask’s wearer gaining a +5 resistance bonus with the spirit gaining control for 1 minute per point it wins the contested roll, the hostile spirit may only make this attempt one per time it is contacted.  If the spirit remains in control past the time it should be banished back, it may engage in another contested Will roll, if the spirit wins, it remains in possession of the medium’s body (until exorcized).

Aura moderate necrourgy and summoning; CL 11th
Slot head; Price 25,000; Weight 1 lb
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, planar ally or planar binding, protection from evil, speak with dead; Cost 12,500

Notes:  A useful item but not without risks.  The way it works it fairly loose to allow for fun and flexibility when using it.


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